About Us


Hub e Quran is an online platform established with the aim of teaching the Holy Quran. This is done through delivering online Quran Tajweed, Quran Tafseer, Quran Hifz & Basic Quran Reading courses. Unlike other online Quran teaching platforms we have come up with most advanced courses. It includes Quran Tafsir, Quran Tajwid, Hifz Quran and Basic Quran Recitation in Arabic as well as Urdu Languages.

Our Objective

Our Objective is to encourage individuals to learn the Islamic teachings online. This would help them to acquire high Islamic morals and put efforts to please Allah. The aim is to provide a platform to the Islamic Ummah to unite. And also utilize their resources to achieve the ultimate goal that is “The Establishment of the Deen of Allah“.

Our Tutors

We have a team of experienced teachers who conduct online classes in multiple languages as selected by the students. All of teachers at Hub e Quran are highly skilled in religious knowledge as well as spoken English and Arabic. All the tutors at Hub e Quran go through series of tests and are also trained professionally so they may offer exceptional services to all our clients.